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Fashion Video in Amsterdam

Today, I want present you my fashion video in Amsterdam. I’m currently in France but I’ll came back soon to Munich to start my „fashion clip“ project. Thats why I have little time left to show you some of my artistic work, like this video. Hope you enjoy it!!

lets have a look…

IMG_7401 Kopie 2

Welcome to my Fashion Photography and Film website!

I’m Christine, a student of literature and languages (french and spanish) in munich and I am happy to present you my fashion clip website.

I love making films and this summer I will start making fashion clip for models, artists or just for people who like to present themselves trough a creative individual videoclip. But this blog is supposed to be more than just a fashion website, it’s about artistic work and inspiring thoughts, I want you to get in touch with some professional artists, film makers and designers. I want to show beauty in a new and different way.

I am not a professional film maker yet but I would like to share my fascination about artistic work and beauty all over the world…Making films is MY PASSION!