catching the moment

How can we catch the beauty of life? How we can save moments in our life? Things we love are going to quickly and disappear one day. Can we save them trough pictures? Trough films? We are not able to relive moments but we can show them in a different way.

Beauty is everywhere….in every single place on earth. We just have to open the eyes and discover it. Sometimes we just see the dark and then while we are thinking about it, we realize that even in dark moments is something bright inside… so hard to find it sometimes but it is there. Also in misery, there is love, a mix of desperation and hope, a lot of deep feelings and beauty.

In my following posts I will introduce you to my favorite french artists and filmmakers. They were also asking themselves questions like „what is being a photograph” and “what is beauty“. With these thoughts they created very creative projects. Thanks to a very good professor at my university in France, I got to know so many interesting and powerful artists.

These are some photos I took in Paris 2 weeks ago:







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