Let’s get it started

I love to work or study in cafes all around the world!!

That feeling of sitting there without any stress and fever, drinking good coffee while creating new things and making plan for the future, is definitely one of the most precious moments in life.

Once when I was sitting in a cafe in France while it was cold and rainy outside, I was thinking about making fashion clips. I thought It would be a perfect idea to start it now because as a student I have much more time than later in my (hopefully) busy life. Since I was little, I made short films and even if the films were so unprofessional ( bad quality, bad camera, horrible sound), I kept going because I just love it.

But this time I’m trying to get out of this unprofessional work and I want to improve myself. Therefore I need a good camera, a good program to cut the clips and of course I need to find good music.

I want to make something different. The fashion clips should represent the personality for each of my „actors“ and I want to show creativity in all my videos! …It will take a lot of time filming, cutting the clips, then finding the perfect music for the clip but I’m convinced that It will be worth it!

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